Using your intuition to decide

Using your intuition to decide.

Our rational mind has difficulties deciding when the situation is complex and there are many factors and emotions involved. The following steps can help youth leaders to take decisions using their intuition.

You need pieces of paper and a space to put them on the floor. You might want to take notes.

  1. Choose an issue you need to take a decision in. Determine the options you have and write each option on a separate piece of paper. Always add an option with a “?”, because we can’t think of all the possible options.
  2. Fold the papers and mix them. Make sure you don’t know which paper represents which option
  3. Put the pieces of paper in the room intuitively. Take a piece of paper and walk through the room, sensing where it belongs and put it down.
    If this is not working for you, don’t worry, just put them in a row with enough space between them so that you can stand on the pieces.
  4. Position yourself in the room and observe the different options (pieces of paper).
    What do you observe? Inside yourself; related to the different options?
  5. Walk towards the first piece of paper/option. Take it slowly and observe what happens.
  6. Then step on the piece of paper and notice what happens. How do you feel? What does your body tell you? Are there thoughts coming up?
    Use all your intuitive channels: see, smell, taste, hear, know and feel.
    Just observe. You don’t have to understand, yet.
  7. Walk back to the starting position. Take some time to let the experience pass away.
  8. Choose the next piece of paper and do the same.
    Repeat this process until you have sensed all the different options by walking towards the piece of paper and stepping on them. You still don’t know which one is which.
  9. If you like, you can step on a piece of paper for the second time to get more information.
    You might want to move the pieces of papers. Go ahead and do it.
    Just explore what is happening.
  10. When you feel that you have explored enough, you can unfold the papers and read which piece of paper represents which option
    Sometimes you get real clear information on what option is the best. Other times, the intuitive information give an extra dimension to the option and help you to make a decision. Sometimes it becomes totally unclear. Just let it be. It might help to give it some time.
    It the question mark is the one you chose, it might mean that you don’t have all the options available yet.



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