Project results

The project envisions three main intellectual outputs:

Intellectual Output 1 – Training methodology “APEL”.

This output will synthesize current expertise in the field of youth work in partner countries and EU level. The training methodology will also integrate elements that are applied in other learning environments (e.g., corporate trainings in business intuition and coaching, teachers’ trainings, adult leadership development programmes, etc.) and adapting them accordingly to the needs of youth leaders.

Click here to view – APEL Manual

Intellectual Output 2 – Coaching cards “APEL”.

This output will synthesize existing expertise and instruments in field of coaching. The cards will be tailor-made with strong focus on leadership and with a direct applicable use to the training methodology. Another innovative element will be related to the wide range of cards application, so it will enable youth works to use them in the different stages of a leadership empowerment training.

Click here to view – YOCO cards

Click here to view – Digital YOCO Cards

Intellectual Output 3 – Policy recommendations “APEL dialogue”.

This output will add substantial value to the field, since it will present a set of clear and feasible measures to ensure strong dialogue between policy makers and young people on all levels (organisational, local, regional and national). The key questions to be answered will be how to create adequate mechanisms and settings for a productive youth <-> policy-makers dialogue?

 Click here to view – Policy recommendations


All of the mentioned intellectual outputs will be available in five different languages (EN, SI, BG, A, NL) and free of charge in an e-version format on this website.

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