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Projekt združuje prizadevanja štirih organizacij iz štirih različnih držav.

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An Interesting Guide on Promoting the Active Participation of Young People

While reading various publications on the topic of active youth participation, we came across a very well-designed handbook entitled Keepin it real, which was developed in response to the demands of organizations seeking practical information on how to involve young people in their policy development, programs, services and organizations. The handbook guides organizations and youth workers step by step towards successful communication with young people on the topic of active participation. He draws attention to possible obstacles in the process of involving young people in cooperation, and also directly addresses the attitude of youth workers with active participation. A link to the manual can be found here.

As part of the APEL project, we want to equip youth workers with the necessary methodology and resources to strengthen the role of youth leaders. In addition, our main goal is to make them more effective in promoting the participation of young people in the policy-making process at local, national and possibly EU level.



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