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APEL projekt združuje trud štirih partnerjev.


Projekt združuje prizadevanja štirih organizacij iz štirih različnih držav.

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Projekt predvideva tri glavne projektne rezultate


Objava nekaj zadnjih novic naših tekočih projektvo.


Tukaj si lahko preberete zadnje objavljene članke.

Focus group implementation

As part of the project, we are also preparing a manual for youth workers and youth leaders. In addition to the theory in the field of empowerment of youth leaders, the handbook will also contain concrete exercises to improve the identified competencies that youth leaders need to increase the involvement and conduct of structured dialogues.

 Today both youth workers and youth leaders met online today to review the draft handbook together and, above all, to hear their comments for improvement. If we are preparing a manual for a specific target group, it is imperative that we include them in the design itself. We received concrete suggestions for improvements, moreover, they gave excellent suggestions on how to successfully promote the manual. So keep following us to keep up to date and also see their ideas realized.

Thank you to our indispensable youth leaders Saša Wimmer, Kristjan Veber, Gruša Erjavec, Anja Debeljak and Janja Palko and our youth workers Katja Kolenc, Senta Jevšenak, Hani Faletič and Petra Feldin.



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