Online Meeting of the Partners

Today, September 16, 2020, we project partners met online. Although the situation is not conducive to meeting us live, technology allows us to meet online.

Thus, we met this afternoon with the aim of reviewing the process of developing the two results of the project. First, an overview of the progress of the priority, which aims to provide a training methodology for youth workers who will work with youth leaders (current or future). This will be designed as a comprehensive coaching manual that brings together all relevant knowledge and experience in the field of empowerment methodologies. Emphasis on empowerment will be to encourage the active participation of young people in dialogues with policy makers on issues that are important to them.

We are currently drafting a handbook and are in the process of writing and designing concrete assignments and exercises. We will also test these in the pilot phase in November.

Next, we reviewed the progress of the second project result, namely the training cards. The aim of this result will be to add an interactive source of training to the portfolio of youth workers, for the purpose of training youth leaders. This will further enhance the effect from IO1 and is perceived as a powerful catalyst for learning. We anticipate that the use of cards will create a relaxed and interactive atmosphere between the youth worker and the learner, enabling a deeper motivational work that is at the core of our efforts. Here we are in the phase of drafting, which we will submit to the focus groups of youth leaders for their comments and remarks and how to improve it.



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